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You said 'I knew u since years ago, I knew u so well' or something like 'I read u like a book'... Dont say it easily coz youre not. We're not a bestfriend. We're just a friend to lick each other wound.

So today is the first time we met again after months I avoiding you.. you look skinnier. And as I thought, youre not that strong to bear loneliness. Youre getting married this year coz hes the only person who stay by your side while i'm away, while she away, while every of your friends away. Congratulation! You eat your own words saying that hes not your type and see... you just kill one of your dreams. You know my dreams, I know yours.

Kay, youre getting married and will have someone to take care of you, will always there for you, will love you. I envy it. Really. But I dont want my dreams remain as dreams... I'll try to change it into reality. I'll try. I just need to be patient and steady...and stuck a bit more with loneliness, rite?

...This is not an envious. This is (my) regret of (your) dreams that stay as dreams.

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