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Dark Post

So this entry is my first post in 2011. Okay...i believe some people out there (who still care bout me) gonna shout; where the hell have u been??! guys guys, i did not go anywhere. I just stuck in a new world that i never thought gonna be hard like this. Even laughter is gradually dissapear.. I become a bit anti social, a weirdo, an outsider, whatever.

Days where i feel like its good to breathe and fangirling and drool over bishies is lower than days where i hope world will end in a minutes.

You know...the more older i am, the more darker is a world to my eyes. And i dont know why is it... All i know now is i am not the same person anymore.

...i wish i could get my old self back someday.

-Sari or Saree-

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