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May 14th 2010, after I received my salary, I went to Alief's store to give him a RedPepper Voucher that i promised him before. We ate at Sushi Tei with Vadiel also. The three of us just chatting and enjoy the foods...then Vadiel's mobile rang. And we end up at Alief's rent room for dress up.

It's goddamn messed

Alief cut his jeans for me to wear and Vadiel called his friends in order to borrow girls shoes coz mine is not proper enough.

I'm not good in make up. Alief did it for me. I also bad in hair do. Vadiel helped me.

..and we ready for the party.

its my first time to be in X2. lol. yes, it my first time!
and its not that bad. Indeed, i had fun for watching lot lot of pretty boys there. lol cute boys were everywhere and that gorgeous male model was right beside me. XDDD There were also familiar faces in that club..its funny, bcoz its my first time to be there and i was invited by Vadiel's friend but Vadiel himself is only knew few people while me..I'm F!!

In a place like that, they played Justin Bieber's Eenie Meenie. XD

a little incident also happened, while my eyes cant stop starring a gorgeous guy..someone passed me and had his cigarette kissed my left thigh. Great! I have 'tensoplast' now.. damnme, i cant angry coz hes cute. Cih!

I wanna go home...well, im back to work now~
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