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random ep. I

This morning, before my mom leave to shop, we talked bout ID card. And just today, I finally know the real age of my mom. She fake her birth year into +/- 5years younger. Afterward, before she reach door, I stomped my feet and whined like a kid on how she didnt fake my birth year too, 'why dont you say I born at 1986 or 1987?' -I said and she smiled.

To my family, especially my mom, I could be so goddamn childish, a pampered princess, and! I, sometimes, dont act on my age. My brother in law often witness it, he saw when I asked his 5years old daughter to push me so I can ride the car toy in the house, at the living room. Sometimes I steal my niece snacks or we two will scream or shout to each other like 'aaaa~' or 'MINE!!'. Sometimes, if I were in good mood, so as my niece, we will eat instant noodle or meat ball together while watching Tom and Jerry.

I miss Bandung, I miss Dera, I miss starbuck's vanilla blended with chocolate sauce or green tea with caramel sauce or a simple vanilla + raspberry.

Sial! gw jg kangen ngondek~

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