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Fic List

OS = One Shot
OG = On Going

Five minutes (OS)
Watakushi kara no purezento desu (OS)

Kimi no kuchibiru dake (OS)
The little world of Tiger and Chipmunk (OS)
Itsumo, kimi no hoshi ni naritai (Complete)
Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4
Delayed Lust (OS)
”I don’t want you to fly” (OS)
Anata o mamoritainda (OG)
chapter 1
He is a player and he is a toy (OS)
When broken prince meet a toy (OS) Follow Up of 'He is a player and he is a toy'

Tora is... (100words)

Candle (OS)
This is me with the worst (OS)
This is me standing in the arch (OS)

Crack-pairing & Cross-fandom pairing
GacktXMiyavi = More Tattoos??!! (OS)
ToraXSakito = Mario Bross v3r$us Dragon Ball (OS)
ToraXRuki = Like a Secret in Your Throat (with akichuu, OG)
chapter 1, chapter 2A, chapter 2B, chapter 3
ToraXAoi = The take over, the break over (with akichuu, (OS))
ToraXAoi = But I miss you more than I did yesterday
ToraXAoi = Lunacy Fringe (OG)
chapter 1-4 (On kyokyon journal, coz she wrote from chapter 1-4)
chapter 5, chapter 6, chapter 7, chapter 8
AoiXReita, ToraXHiroto, ToraXReita = Time Turn Fragile
Prologue, chapter 1
ShouXReita = When the love is gone, Epilogue
ToraXHeechul = untittle yet

One Light (OS)

Adapted Fic (both are ToraXUruha)
Author : Runi Septiawati
Translated and Adapted by : Saree
Splash of toRA (OS)
Ore no Uruha (OS)

Fic in Bahasa:
Ajoy Gayboy Anak Jalanan (OG)
Episode 1
Episode 2

Fic by; takarai_karin (mostly, ToraXUruha)
On Any Given Day (OS)
Close Your Eyes (OG)
this ship is gonna look pretty at the bottom of the sea (like dirty little secrets) (OS) MUST-READ-FIC!!
it's all fun & games until someone gets hurt, isn't it? (OS)

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