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Watakushi Kara No Purezento Desu

This entry and fic -of course- dedicated to Kohara Kazamasa or Shou of Alice Nine.
Omedetou Tanjoubi, Happy birthday!! Its your 25 anniversary isnt it? Or you turn to 26? *bad in remembering One's birthday*
Huge success for Alice Nine and wish you the best~

Also! I should thank to potato chips, vanilla milk, mineral water, dive into sun scans, shunkashuuto off shoot clip, Runi -the best rival on chasing dreams- who inspire me of Saga's present for Shou, kyonkyon for small virtual birthday present for me, and last but not least shinyane for ShouXSaga banner, for being a companion during writing, and for Torapon fic she wrote for me. I owe you lot things *hugsss* byun ^.~

Title: Watakushi Kara No Purezento Desu
Chapters: one shot
Author: acu_saree
Genre: birthday fic, -Hopefully- FLUFF
Ratings: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: ShouXSaga implied; ToraPon
Disclaimer: I dont own them.
Synopsis: “No way. Shou's lip ring is on left side and mine is on right. It will be a complication on kiss because our lip ring will collide and stuck, and one of us has to take off our lip ring every time we’re going to kiss. Can you imagine how ridiculous it is?” a long nonchalant answer throws from Saga’s mouth while his feet gliding toward a pet shop, and studying a cute creature in front of him.
Comments: the title took from Vidoll lyric on Doll's Bar VID. This fic is a sequel of five minutes that I wrote... a year ago? Please leave a comment and tell me whether this fic is a success fluff or a fail fluff?? Coz I bang my head for times during writing! Ask why and I will kill you answer...

A day after Shou came to Nagoya for Saga, its Saga’s turn to get stressed by thinking a birthday present for Shou.

Their birthday which is only eleven days difference, forced Saga’s brain to rotate by thinking the great present for Shou. If Shou came to Nagoya intentionally to give him a hundred picks that he specially ordered for him, Saga doesn’t want to lose with his present too. He aim to give Shou the greatest present Shou ever had on his birthday and make that day as an unforgettable day for Shou and himself. But pittily, the expectant idea didn’t appear yet.

A week passed quickly since Saga’s birthday, and he does still stress about present for Shou. On these five days -when school is over or no class to attend- Saga spends his time at mall. He comes in and out from outlets which the stuff is possible to be a present for Shou.

“Saga, what the hell are you looking for? In and out without buy any thing” ask Nao who accompanies Saga for these five days without any clue what Saga’s looking for.

“I’m looking for Shou’s present” answer him simply.

“How bout you buy him the same lip ring as yours?” suggest Nao spontaneously, half-kidding.

“No way. Shou's lip ring is on left side and mine is on right. It will be a complication on kiss because our lip ring will collide and stuck, and one of us has to take off our lip ring every time we’re going to kiss. Can you imagine how ridiculous it is?” a long nonchalant answer throws from Saga’s mouth while his feet gliding toward a pet shop, and studying a cute creature in front of him.

Still giggling because of Saga's answer, Nao now notice his blond friend petting a black cat “Do you want to give him a cat? Does he like it?”

“Shou has two cats already at home, but he will accept it if I give him another one”

“Then give it”

For a second Saga silenced, then by a bit-serious tone he speak up, “I don’t want to give him a cat, because I will get jealous with the cat”

“What?! It’s just a cat, Saga! I’m sure Shou will only feed him, petting him, bathe him, and may-“

“That’s why I’m jealous to the cat, Nao.” cut Saga, leaving the black fur ball and approacing pitch black puppy cage.

Nao’s left eyebrow raised, and an unbelievable looks display on his face, “for heaven sake, Saga. IT IS JUST A CAT! How can you get jealous because of an animal?”

“of course I will get jealous, because the cat will feed by Shou, petting by Shou, bathing by Shou, and he will do anything the cat cant do without human help, meanwhile-…” Saga stopped suddenly and left his sentences hang.

“Meanwhile…?” ask Nao softly, curious of the continuation.

“Meanwhile I’m here craving for his care, his touch, his warmth…and the cat will get it every day, but I’m not” said Saga honestly and sounds really mean it. He’s blushing a little by what he said, but he didn’t care. Nao is his best friend, so it doesn’t matter if you tell your best friend about your true feelings.

“I see. I will help you to find a great present, okay? Now let’s go, I have some tasks to do at home”

“May I go with you? No one at home right now, my sister going out with his boy friend and my brother has a class. Everybody went out and left me starving”

“Hmm… Is pasta alright for you?”


Arrive at home, Nao straightly head to the kitchen and make a plate of spaghetti for Saga. He didn’t forget to give the blond his guitar which is becomes Saga’s habit -to play guitar and watching tv- every time this careless blond visits Nao’s home.

“Here’s the spaghetti. Eat it here while I leave you to take out some goods on the car” said Nao before he left Saga in a living room with the spaghetti, guitar and displaying tv.

Saga’s hand might be scoop up spaghetti on the plate, his mouth might be busy on munching, his eyes might be sticking to the tv, but not with his head which still think hard about a birthday present for Shou. three more days which is a special day for his precious one will come, and it will pass vainly if he didn’t make it as the memorable day as he expect it to be. He needs to wait three hundreds and sixty five days again for come to get the same month and the same date as Shou’s birthday…. Waiting is not easy to do, right?

“Saga, did you finish your food? Can you help me to move these boxes? I put half of these boxes to storeroom already, but I’m getting tired and need your help” Nao who standing in front of the living room looks tired.

Wordlessly Saga stand up and heading to the garage to help Nao. The boxes which sprawled randomly over Nao's car are in various shape and size; some of those are heavy enough to carry by Saga self. Not all the boxes will place in storeroom; half of them will place in guest room also.

"Tell me Nao-kun, what's the contain of these box?" ask Saga in the middle of his carrying-activity.

"My cousin's stuff, she will live here. Start on next week to be exact"

"Which cousin?"

"One from dad's younger brother, Naomi. Next month her study in Nagoya University will start"

"Oh one with careless behavior rite?" Saga guessed.

"As if you're not as careless as her, Saga." Nao noted, "You’re not even better than her, you know"

Saga pout, 'damn you' was the spontaneous reply from him. And because of his curiousity of the box content, Saga peek in every box he'd carry. The content of fourth box he had carried was computer accessories. the fifth box content is cd's and dvd's collection of Nao's cousin which -of course- had attract Saga's attention to look over the whole cd's and dvd's within Nao's permission. The sixth box is also unavoidable of Saga's peeking, but on this sixth box Saga's furrowed his forehead, thinking.

“Nao, i got idea for Shou's present. i have to go now. jya~" said the blond suddenly while put the box he held to Nao's living room and left Nao puzzling.


Back from Nao's house, the blond immediately glided to a book store and bought some stuffs from stationary to kera magazine. Finished his gift-project shopping, Saga back to his home and start his creation.

For two days to Shou's birthday, Saga shut himself up in his bedroom and didn’t let any one to come in even it's Nao. The blond come out of his bed room only for shower or eat, and if he doesnt come for shower or eat, he will go out within his father Digicam. Although Saga's parents confused by their son's behavior, they still let him to do whatever Saga's intend to.


Above the bed where he laid, a calendar which hang on the wall under Korn super big poster -5 date circled boldly by red marker on it- was catching Hiroto's attention. He shift his body closer to the man behind him, "Tora-kun~"

"Hmm?" murmur Tora lazily; hands around the smaller boy waist, pointed nose on brunette nape, and leg tangle above the latter legs. The scene much like the raven hugging his teddy bear than his boy friend. And! This little 'teddy bear' didn’t bother by the tiger hands job whose now tracing his belly and his chest freely.

"Shou's birthday is tomorrow..."

"I know"

"Have you bought the present?"


"He will go early in the morning to Saga-kun's right? Why dont you buy it now? so you can give it to him tonight"

"The store is only five minutes away" a peck on latter nape "it won’t go anywhere"

"But if you keep your lazy head to go, the store will close before you reach it!"

"... That store and Shou's present can wait, Pon." a low sighed, "but I cant."

the intonation of Tora's sentences, unsteady breath over his neck, and the way his finger playing around with his bare skin under his uniform are enough to get Hiroto the sign that the older boy is in needs of three capital letter. "Aki and Shou will lis-"

"You can stay quiet" Tora cut him as he knows the continuation of the words.

"You knew I cant"

Being selfish and ignorant is Tora, he keep on molesting the smaller boy like a starving tiger that could do any thing to fill its hunger. he ignored the face Hiroto made to restrain any pleasurable voice, he ignored the possibility of Shou's or Aki's sudden appearance to his room... he ignored the vibrating cell phone on left side of the pillow -where Hiroto close his eyes and bite his lip, anticipate of Tora's [insert pervert act here]- that showed a very familiar caller; okaasan


July 5th 1999

8 am sharp Shou already stand by at the train station; waiting for his train to Nagoya, to Saga's place. The yearning, the feeling and the worries are almost similar to last June 24th where he stood impatiently for the train to come as if the time chasing after him.

Shou's trip to Nagoya is not in hurry this time, every thing is planned well. compare to Shou's last arrival which is only five minutes or three hundred seconds, three days and two nights is more than enough for Shou to freed his longing. If only Shou's parents are not push him to attend his aunt's wedding, Shou definitely will stay longer at Saga's house. Shou is very sure that Saga's parents won't mind their 'best friend' son's presence at their house. This time, too, Shou doesn't have to worry of Saga's punctuality...

Because he is viewing an unusual yet heart-warming scene now....
Saga was sitting beautifuly in a bench -waiting for him- to greet him and give his oh-so-gorgeous smile only for Shou

The blond stood up from his sitting position and smile sweetly as he noticed Shou's figure walking to his direction. "omedetou tanjoubi,Shou-kun" said Saga to the taller boy who now standing in front of him, smiling.

"Arigatou" answer Shou's simply. damn!! why you're so irresistible, Sagacchi... it's your fault if your tongue keep playing with your lip ring like that and force me to do a crime -to suck and ravish your delicious lips- right here, right now!!


A low groan stopped Shou from his 'crime'. He looks down to the blond whose now was blushing hard and his eyes glancing over his surroundings.

"People are watching us, Shou-kun" Saga warned him.

Shou didnt glance around like Saga did, instead, he took hold of Saga's hand and talk to the blond's ear in a low volume that only Saga could hear; "Do you really care with what people thought and talk bout you?"

It’s the same question Shou had asked before he kissed him at this train station! Now Shou asking him again and the taller man didnt get 'not really' for the answer, but a clear 'i dont care' from the blond.

Heard Saga's clear answer, Shou clutch the latter hand tighter and motion him to leave the spot.


All day long after Shou and Saga spent in Nao's house, they arrived at home finally. Saga got his parents were ready to leave. Maybe today is a lucky day for Shou because -not long after Saga's parents have a little conversation with him- they leave to attend a dinner invitation of Saga's father boss. Saga's little brother whose still 10 years old, of course, doesnt refuse to eat delicious foods. Saga's sister probably with her boy friend or doing assignments at her friend's house. And there they are... alone.

"Are you hungry, Shou?"

"Not really. I just want a present from you" Shou ask as he put his backpack on the desk "you haven't give me anything today but 'omedetou tanjoubi' and a brief kiss at Nao's house"

Saga sit on the bed and laugh a bit, "one kiss is not enough as a present for you?"

"Of course not. I want more than one kiss" answer shou.

"Oh, so you want ten kisses as present?" joke Saga.

Shou join saga on the bed and seat him self, face Saga. "Ten is not enough, Sagacchi." Shou run his hand on the blonde's cheek. "I wants more" hissed Shou, ready to kiss Saga but fail as Saga walk to wooden drawer and pull off A4 paper size box that wrapped in a white, Shou's name was the only ornament on it.

"Open it"

Wondering of the content, Shou rip the white paper carefuly.’s a photo album.

Shou view the black cover and touch the surface, its velvet.

"Open it" motion Saga, who now sat beside Shou.

Shou open it as Saga's said.

A picture in a first page is the picture of Shou wore his uniform, smiling widely. a colorful quote written on the bottom of the pic, 'mainichi ni konna eigao o mitai' (translation= i want to see this smile every day)

Shou smile, touched by the quote Saga had written. "If you want to, I will send you my smiling pictures every day, Sagacchi"

"I would love to" Saga's respond. "you’re still have nine more pictures to see, Shou-kun"

Smilingly, Shou open the second page.

The picture show the inside of Shinkansen. The quote is much like a question to Shou, 'na~ Shou-kun, shinkansen de nani o kangaeru?' (translation= hey Shou, what are you thinking about in Shinkansen?)

Shou took a glance at the blond, half-whisper, he said “kimi o kangaeru" (translation= think about you)

Third pic; Saga's bolster
Quote; 'a substitution of Shou at night'

Fourth pic; a train station
Quote; 'I hate when the train takes you away from me'

Fifth pic; stack of black guitar picks that Shou had given to Saga as his birthday present
Quote; 'I had lost twelve of these picks'

God! my careless pretty blond... Shou smile secretly. "I gave it ten days ago and it lost twelve picks already?"

"I really forgot where I put it after used it. Most of the time I put it above the amp and leave it there, and when I came back to studio its gone already!"

Shou chuckled, "maybe i have to give you thousand picks instead of a hundred"

Saga pout cutely. Shou noticed it, "I like every thing on you, Sagacchi" noted Shou, "even your pout"

If it possible for Saga to dig ground and hide his blushing cheek there, he definitely will do it!

While Saga busied think of hiding, Shou view another page.

Sixth pic; Saga's current school gate
Quote; 'Shou-kun no inai, kono gakkou wa genshou' (translation= this school without Shou is fantasy)

seventh pic; game center
quote; 'the fun is incomplete without you by my side'

Eight pic; soy milk boxes in various flavour
Quote; 'Shou-kun always end up buying these drink unintentionally at the convenience store ne~'

nineth pic; Shou's cats
quote; 'what a lucky cats they are...'

Shou smile and shook his head a bit, "are you jealous with my cats?"

another pout display on Saga's lips. "I am"

"you better not" a peck on Saga's cheek "because they have no lip ring to suck"

a light smack landed successfuly on Shou's upper arm. Grinningly, Shou open another page.

The last pic is a familiar pic, its the same picture Shou had on his wallet and Saga fold the bottom part too like Shou did. the quote is not a row of words but only numbers, '012399'. nothing special with the pic and the quote, its only the date when they get along together.

Shou was ready to kiss Saga before his cell phone rang and interrupted his action toward Saga. "yes Tora-shi, whats up?"

"Shou-chan, have you open Hiroto and my present yet?"

"Not yet, but i will"

"Is Saga with you?"

"Right before my eyes"

"Good! enjoy our present!" didnt wait for Shou's reply, Tora hang up the phone already.

Shou sighed, "Tora and Hiroto said that I must open their present when I’m with you. they will pray for our break if I open it alone"

what a weird request... Saga's thought, "I’m with you now... what are you waiting for? open it!"

Shou shook a present from Tora and Hiroto, wondering the content of square box which wrapped in a dark blue paper.... from weight and the size of the box; it’s probably a 30ml expensive perfume. But why the sound of its much like a collision of two stuffs?. besides, his cousin is not a come-in-and-out-of-outlet-to-find-perfume type, and Hiroto is not a perfume user. He shook the square box again... and maybe his bet is right this time, sunglasses and its case!

Carefully Shou rip the paper.... he peeked in to the box....

a regular tube of KY jelly and a box of strawberry flavor condom were tied together in a blue ribbon.

.......................................dead silence.

Shou's unbelievable face meet Saga's blushing cheeks.

DAMN!! I swear I will kill that idiot couple soon!!! Shou's mind cursed like crazy while Saga's mind wondering about his parents or his sister sudden appearance on his room if they really did it.

-Shou's and Tora's bed room-

"Do you think Shou will thank us for our present, Tora?" ask Hiroto in the middle of their gundam battle games.

"Of course he won’t. Shou will kill me or kick me out of this room instead" Tora shifted closer to the TV screen "but I’m damn sure he will use it"

Hiroto took a glance on Tora, "why you're so sure?"

Tora's eyes still focused on TV screen, didn’t aware of Hiroto'a glance "three months without sex will drive him crazy, Pon"

The smaller boy thrown down his controller and take a look on Tora -who glared him already for pausing the game and wondering which part of his sentences is wrong- to make sure his curiosity of Tora's overdid needs.

"Why Shou-kun can hold back his lust for three months while you ask it every three days??!!"

A mischievous smile displaying on Tora's lips as he heard it, "so you want it in every two day?"

Hiroto's jaw dropped. He shook his head in disbelieef, "you're fuckin hopeless, Tora"


PS : the ending is sucks i know... *le sigh*
Tags: alice nine, fanfiction

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