July 21st, 2015

Tora - Smoke

I didnt post anything in 2 years and come back with this!! XD

I cant believe I come back to LJ and post this!! This is officially my first K-pop fic and I thought it would be SiwonxHeechul instead of KrisXChanyeol.. I started like the pairing just few months before Kris' lawsuit and it is my first time having an OTP which beyond repair but what I can do.. a friend told me that K-pop fandom has so many drama. I thought its because her fav pairings are mostly broke (Yunjae, Hanchul, Kangteuk eventhough temporary only, and then SS501). Now I understand why she left the fandom and back to J-fandom... As for me, I dont know for how long I will ship this pairing since I often jump from one to another too. But now, Enjoy or not??!!

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